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Limited Company

Tax Efficiency and Ease of Management

Contracting through your own limited company is widely acknowledged as the most tax-efficient way of working. Despite misconceptions, managing your own Limited company isn't as daunting as it may seem.

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Comparing Limited Companies and Umbrella Companies

While using an umbrella company offers simplicity, managing your own Limited company entails minimal additional work. With assistance from us, tasks like sending cheques to HM Revenue and Customs, invoicing, and spreadsheet management can be efficiently handled.

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Contracting through my own Limited Company was definitely daunting at first, but their support made it easy. No more confusion about umbrella companies. Setting up took minutes, and their advice is always just a phone call away. Best decision I made!


IT Consultant

Financial Rewards of Limited Companies

Owning and working through your own limited company presents substantial financial rewards. Compared to using an umbrella company, you could potentially earn up to £15,000 more annually, particularly on a daily rate of £350.

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Forming Your Limited Company

Once you've decided to contract under your own Limited company, forming your company is a simple process. With just 5 minutes on our website, followed by approximately 3 hours for company formation during normal work hours, you'll have your Limited company up and running. All you need is a company name and a credit card to complete the transaction.

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I was stuck with low rates under an umbrella company. Now, with my own Limited Company, I control my income and keep way more. Setting up was quick and affordable, and they handle all the admin stuff so I can focus on my work.


Marketing Consultant

Required Information for Company Formation

Director Details

This is you. The Director controls invoicing, the company bank account and decides on how much to pay themselves, which is made up of a combination of salary and dividends.

Secretary Details

Following a change in legislations, as of 6 April 2008 there is no requirement for a company secretary You will need to allocate shares in the company.


Dividends are distributed to the shareholder(s) of the company, which is how you will take most of your income.

Cost of Formation

Forming your company through us costs £125 plus VAT, offering one of the lowest fully inclusive prices available. This fee covers essential elements such as VAT and PAYE registration, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the process.

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Expert Advice and Support

Unlike cheaper online formations, our services include telephone support, ensuring assistance whenever you need it. Additionally, we offer guidance on registered offices, providing a service to handle all your business mail, allowing you to focus on running your business efficiently.

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Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

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