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They took care of my CIS registration, verification, and tax returns. Now I get the right deductions and keep more of what I earn.



Contracting through my own Limited Company was definitely daunting at first, but their support made it easy. No more confusion about umbrella companies. Setting up took minutes, and their advice is always just a phone call away. Best decision I made!


IT Consultant

Thanks to their CIS experts, I now understand my responsibilities as a contractor. Registration, deductions, returns - they demystified it all.


Construction Company Owner

They filed my personal tax return quickly and accurately, maximizing my deductions and saving me money.


Freelance Writer

They helped me choose the right scheme, streamline my records, and avoid future issues. Now, I keep more of what I earn.


Freelance Photographer

Our accountant took care of everything, from registration to returns. They found the perfect scheme for my business, saving me time and money.


Bakery Owner

Their innovative payroll solutions simplify and streamline everything. Perfect for my growing team, and their experts take care of all the complexities.


Tech Startup Founder

I was stuck with low rates under an umbrella company. Now, with my own Limited Company, I control my income and keep way more. Setting up was quick and affordable, and they handle all the admin stuff so I can focus on my work.


Marketing Consultant

This service is a lifesaver for busy professionals like me. They took care of everything, from gathering documents to claiming all my eligible deductions. Now I have more time and saved more money.


Company Director

Outsourcing bookkeeping to them saved me tons of time and money. Their experts handle everything, from monthly accounts to year-end filings, so I can focus on growing my business.


Restaurant Owner

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